2 Cases of Sudden Deafness

Case 1 :
Female, 39y
Clinical manifestations: First visit, left ear been deaf 20 days after great anger, hearing lost completely, accompanied by tinnitus and ear pain. Diagnosed as perforation of the tympanic memberance in on hospital. After intake of oxytetracycline and herbs, ear pain relieved, but tinnitus and deafness still remained. Taut pulse, red tongue tip.
Pattern : Liver-fire flaming upward, clear orifice blockage
Treatment principle: Clear Liver-fire, open orifice.
Formula : Longdan Xiegan Decoction, as Longdancao 3g, Shanzhizi 10g, Zexie 10g, Chaihu 2g, Cheqianzi 10g, Huangqin 6g, Shengcao 2g, Danggui 10g, Shengdi 12g, Mutong 3g, Juhua 6g . four packs in total.
Second visit and Outcome: Ear deafness improved significantly, can hear watch clicks, tinnitus also disappeared. Use Longdan Xiegan Pills 90g, 5g per day, 2 times per day, to consolidate the effects.
Case 2:
Male, 51y
Clinical manifestations: First visit on 12/04/1987, the patient reported that after he got up in the morning of 02/04/1987, felt headache and dizziness, and sudden deafness of left ear at 11am. Diagnosed as sudden deafness in one hospital, been treated one week without any improvement. Visual inspection found that non red facial complexion, dry mouth, pale tongue body with white coating, floating and taut pulse.
Pattern: Invasion of exterior wind, qi blockage on the ear.
Treatment principle: dispelling wind and dispersing lung, regulate qi to open orifice.
Prescription : Guixiang powder, as Mahuang 6g, guizhi 6g, chuanxiong 10g, baizhi 10g, danggui 10g, xixin 3g, changpu 10g, muxiang 10g, nanxing 10g, mutong 10g, gancao 6g, baijili 10g, zhike 10g, chenpi 6g.
Outcome: After 3 bags of above mentioned herbs, slight sweating of body, symptoms of headache and dizziness disappeared, body lighter, hearing of left ear improved. After further 4 packs, the hearing of left ear completely recovered.

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