Asthma — 4 Successful Cases

Case one: Asthma    ( 《中医历代医案精选》 TCM Clinical Cases Collection , P767)

Ding , girl, 3 months. She has been high fever for 3 months, combined with heavy sweating, asthmatic breathing with nasal wings flapping, paroxysmal coughing, phlegm retention, restless in bed at night, frightened sometimes, short urine. Body temperature at 40.1˚C, slight red cheek, lung rale, chest X-Ray indicate pneumonia change, white blood cells 18400/mmᶾ.  white thin coating, floating and rapid pulse, red and purple finger print.

Diagnosis as:  bronchitis pneumonia, wind-cold exterior, interior heat blocking lung

Formula: zhimahuang 3g,  xinren 3g, shengshigao 24g, gancao 5g, yinhua 18g, sangbaipi 10g, niubangzi 10g, chuanbei 6g,  huoxiang 10g, suye 6g, qinghao 10g, pipa 10g.

After 16 hours of intake of it, body temperature drop to 36.3˚C, quiet in sleep, smooth in breath, slight cough, less phlegm, thin yellowish coating and slight rapid pulse the next morning. Diagnosis as exterior relieved, interior heat not gone. Applying same formula, take off suye, one more pack, then change to maxin combined formula, 6 days later, discharged from hospital.

Maxin combined formula , to relieve exterior, clear interior heat, stop cough and resolve phlegm,as:

Mahuang 30g, fried xinren 60g, shengshigao 210g, gancao 45g, beimu 90g, suye 90g, chenpi 90g, maidong 90g, fried shenqu 90g, baimaogen 90g, boil 2 times, concentrated to 4000ml, add white sugar 120g, honey 120g, concentrated to 1000ml.  intake 5ml for infantile less than 6 months, 5 to 10ml for infantile less than 2 years old, 10 to 15ml for infantile less than 5 years old, 20ml for older than 5, 3 to 4 times a day.

Case two: Deficient Asthma ( 《蒲辅周医案》Pufuzhou Clinical cases, P140)

Xiao, girl, 1y.  starting from high fever, she has been asthmatic breathing for 5 days, went to one hospital on 26/04/1960. After hospitalized, she has been checked blood, lung, etc. and diagnosed as Congenital Heart Disease, complicated by pneumonia.

Course of disease and treatment: treating for 3 days, no improvement, invite Mr. Pu for consultation. She has high fever without sweating, asthmatic breathing and dysphoria, coughing without sound, short of breath, fullness under heart, dull complexion, light tongue, greasy and alight grey coating, deep, weak and rapid pulse. This is due to congenital weakness plus new evil attacking lung, new and old disease combined together. Treatment should to strengthen heart as Ben, to treat lung as Biao.

Formula as: guizhi 0.5g, zhigancao 0.5g, yuanzhi 3g, fried suzi 3g, xinren 3g, juhong 3g, shengjiang 2 pieces, dazao 1, 2 packs.

On 1/05 for the second visit: only cough reduced, others as usual. Take off suzi, xinren, add shashen 6g, tiandong 6g, wuweizi 10 granule, 2 packs. Combined with 2 times plasma transfusion, high fever going down, cough improved further, not asthmatic breathing. Finally, regulate lung and stomach, strengthen heart and tonify qi for a better ending.

Case three: Asthma ( 《临症针灸医案》Acupuncture Clinical Cases , P12)

Li , boy, 10y. chief complaint: cough and Asthmatic breathing for 7 days. present illness: 7 days ago, he caught cold, then cough and asthmatic breath, clear phlegm, aversion to cold and fever, nausea. After treatment, aversion to cold, fever, nausea better, but still cough and asthmatic  breath, aggravated in cold weather.

Treatment: drain lung , expel coldness, calm asthma. Points as: fengmen( moxa), dazhui, feishu,tiantu.  Methods: as fengmen—moxa, dazhui—tonify, feishu—even.

After 5 sessions, cough and asthma gone, continue one course to consolidate it.

Case four: Wang, boy, 8y. when he was 3, had whooping cough with asthma, repeatedly onset despite long term TCM and WMS treatment. Symptoms as: chest distension, breathing tight,  cough and brings out yellowish phlegm, red and swelling throat, red tongue, thin yellow coating, dry lips, prefer cold water, hard stool, yellowish urine, thread and rapid pulse.

Diagnosis as heat asthma, apply clearing heat, dissolve phlegm and calm asthma. Moxa on feishu, dingchuan, fengmen, make local area red and blister, once every 2 days. after 3 sessions, asthma improved significantly, after 10 sessions, asthma gone. Ask his parents to apply moxa in the same points once sore throat and coughing with yellow phlegm, and apply Sanfujiu in summer. Follow up interview  for one year, asthma not happen.

Case 4: Asthma ( 《临症针灸医案》Acupuncture Clinical Cases , P134)

Sun, boy, 11y.  Asthma history of 8 years, mother with eczema history. Before onset, he had itching nose, sneezing, clear nose discharge. During onset, there is high pitch wheezing sound, breath tight, chest distension, heart palpitation, bring out sticky and white phlegm. Aggravate in spring, in the early times of the asthma history, fairly slight, recently getting more frequent onset. Tried many time of TCM and WMS treatment, not cured completely. The allergen test indicates that it is related with  pollen, dust, demodicid mite. Since the boy scare about needles, only apply Banmao Baijiezi application on dingchuan, tanzhong, feishu, gaohuang etc. to make is blister, once every week, one course every month, it runs two courses together, still not controlled. Eventually, use acupuncture , on dingchuan, make the needling sensation runs toward the hypochondriac area, once every day, not retain needles. Very good result after 2 treatment, 10 treatment asthma controlled, follow up turn out to be non onset for years. ( the doctor define the dingchuan lateral to C7-T5, and deep insertion.)