Blockage of Ear

Modified San Ao Tang for Blockage of Ear

Female, 38y   

Clinical manifestations: first visit on 06/10/1979.  Two weeks ago, when the patient was waiting for the bus, suddenly the right ear was blocked. Other symptoms as tinnitus, dizziness, hearing loss. No common cold, blocking nose found recently. Pale-red tongue body, thin-white coating, pulse even. The acute onset of the disease indicated it was not deficient syndrome, initially could dispers lung and benefit orifices

Treatment: Apply San Ao Tang with modification, as mahuang, gancao, chaitui, changpu, mutong 3g separately, xinren, lulutong, kudingcha 10g separately, yujin 5g, 5 packs in total.

Outcome: Eventually, after 10 packs, the patient recovered completely.

TCM Dr. Gan Zu Wang