Back in 2010 I started having menstrual problems where I would go for 7 months without a normal period, this got me worried as for us women thats deemed as not normal,so I quickly visited my GP and as per normal tests were done which resulted in been referred to a specialist then I was then  put on a drug called prolactine to help regulate my monthly periods which meant taking half of this tablet every week for the next 3 years to ensure I kept getting my periods, after taking this for so long I wanted a more natural approach,as the weight gain was not fun and the mood swings were crazy as hell.
I set out to find some one who could help me, help myself in a more natural way where my body would eventually work the way it should and not depend on any type of medication. By this time my periods where coming each month but they were not stopping they were going from the normal 4-5 days to a week at the most,and sometimes  a week and a half,and to top it off I had hemroids too which was all tiring my out and making me worry, so I eventually found a herbalist in otahuhu who put me on these herbs that didnt really work they way I thought they would and after been on those  herbs for a month they didn’t really do much to slow the bleeding down or make any other of my symptoms go away,so I sought out to find another herbalist who would give me what I wanted for my body and “waaaaaahlaaah” after doing some research i found ” DR HARRY” and the ” Balance Health Clinic” I quickly made my appointment and visited his clinic.
Dr Harry did a full consultation which even includes your whole lifestyle habits and so on,from the time you enter his clinic DR HARRY makes you feel really confident and calm, as sometimes visiting clinics can be daunting and sometimes scary but I didnt feel any of these  at all. After my examination he advised me on my holistic lifestyle changes which I incoperated into my everyday living which is not even hard and theres not even  much to do its just twicking little things like drink warm water, eat food in warmth, staying warm, not exercise after work but  in the morning, sleeping with the windows closed kind of thing. After just 3 DAYS of been on his herbs and following his simple holistic lifestyle changes the bleeding stopped completely and so did the other symptoms by the end of the week all the uncomfortable feeling in my stomach had gone, no more bloating and the hemroids had completely stopped.
I could not be any more happier with the outcome from just one week, things have improved so much compared to a month ago when I thought there was no way I’d get the natural holistic help I wanted for my body,now I am on to a better, healthier me I have been back  for  a follow up visit, which DR HARRY checked me over again to make sure things are in tact which is what I love about this clinic and Dr Harry, its just like going to see your regular GP only difference is this is  holistic and natural, no chemicals or artifificial synthetic drugs which make your body react, its all natural Chinese herbs which is 100% effective and I  vouche for, without a doubt and above all Dr Harry is affordable his not out to make money of you, his all about helping you and making sure you become a better you.
I would highly reccomend Dr Harry and his clinic to anybody whose looking for a natural holistic way of healing there bodies, his herbs are a 100% effective and totally affordable  too and most of all Dr Harry is all about your well being, your health and improving your life so you can live  life to the fullest .
From a happier healthier female patient
Tanya ( Michele)


I have had a lower back problem since I was a child and it has been problematic over the years. When I was in university I went to see a chiropractor and I go treated for about 3 to 5 months and I paid a hefty price every visit, the pain did go away but it soon came back. My lower back pain became unbearable where it hurt just to lie on my back or to sleep. I was told that acupuncture is the way to go and soon found the balance health clinic. My visit was great very professional and very helpful. After a couple of visits, my back had no pain and Hao was very helpful in advising me about my holistic well being.
Would definitely recommend this clinic.

Annette Reilly

I went to Balance Health Clinic for my plantar fasciitis, which I had been struggling with for several months, and had seen five health professionals. From my first visit Harry made me feel at ease to an unknown treatment that was scary. Harry explained each step in detail, and answered all my questions along the journey. Six weeks later, and my condition is nearly completely healed, and I highly recommend this clinic and the treatment I received. Harry was always very professional, thorough and always gave the best service at each treatment. Thank you Harry


My treatment at Balance Health TCM Clinic reflects a journey of self discovery and learning, almost as much as the physical healing.
When I came to the clinic I presented with many symptoms including stomach pain, influenza, severe headaches. I was emotional and western medicine defined me as severely depressed. I had suffered major and on-going loss of loved ones as well as my lifestyle.
Regular treatment using all the traditional Chinese medicine techniques revealed layers of burnout and fatigue which in turn resulted in an array of aches, pains and symptoms.
As well as the combination of tradition Chinese medicine disciplines treating these symptoms I was taught to recognise the causes and effects of my lifestyle choices, my thinking and my personal beliefs and the effects these had on my day to day life. I came to understand how paying attention to small changes in my body had major beneficial affects on my well being.
Simple release techniques of breathing, meditating and observation, combined with acupuncture, herbal medicines, and massage skilfully and consistently applied, have brought me to a place where I can manage my day to day health and apply what I have learnt to many aspects of my life. I have learnt to be content to focus on the moment, today, and concern myself less with what might be tomorrow, or what might have been. Better than any anti-depressant or sedative induced sleep, I can now approach life’s challenges with strength and purpose and know that I am in control of my health and destiny.
Balance for Health as opened a doorway to new choices and a different way of looking at life, its beauty and the joy to be experienced at a time when I had come to accept the doors were closing and my life held little purpose.
I am grateful to have learnt to listen to my body and to use the power of the mind and growth of spirit in a truly holistic manner, in order to continue to grow and experience health and happiness on earth.

Klaske Abell

I met Harry about 6 years ago, which was my luck.
The name of his clinic is just perfect, because he really balances me.
I am very bad with medication, the aftereffects usually do damage. So naturally his total treatment sometimes with his herbal medication suits me just fine. I am always surprised at his quiet cleverness.