Chronic Pharyngitis

Modified Bai Hu Tang for Chronic Pharyngitis

Male, 37y

Clinical manifestations: first visit on 14/12/1979.  Throat had been pain for 5 months, with burning sensation, foreign matter sensation, dry pharynx on and off, but all the symptoms reduced while diarrhea, accompanied by hiccup and dry stool. Inspections indicated that, red colour on pharynx wall, palatal arch swelling, thin-yellowish coating, thready and forceful pulse.

Syndrome : Diagnosed as heat retention in Yangming, deficient heat due to lung and stomach yin deficiency.

Treatment: Formula as Modified Bai Hu Tang, shengshigao 30g, zhimu, maidong , yinhua, shandougen, jinsuoshi, niubangzi, zhuye 10g separately, chishao 6g, dengxincao 3 bundle, 5 packs in total.

Second visit the same.

Third visit on 29/12/1979. burning sensation, foreign matter sensation of pharynx reduced, hiccup occasionally, bowel movement normal, but lesions on edges of eyes and mouth. It indicated that stomach fire reduced but not gone. Modified as : huangbai 3g, shengshigao 20g, yuzhu, zhimu, yinhua, xuanshen, shihu, baimaogen 10g separately, gegen6g, dengxincao 2 bundle. 5 packs in total.

Fourth visit on 04/01/1980. Dry throat and pain almost gone, hiccup stopped, lesion gone. Apply formula to tonify yin, for the benefit of root.

TCM Dr. Gan Zu Wang