Chronic Rhinitis

Case 1 :
Female, 24y
Clinical manifestations:
Blocked nose and running nose been 2 years, easily caught cold, and cold would aggravate symptoms. Once treated in a hospital and diagnosed as Chronic Rhinitis, been used Nasal Drops with temporary effectiveness. Now feel driness of nostril, running nose with nasal discharge in yellow or white, sticky and watery alternatively. Distension on forehead, slight thirsty, white thin coating, normal pulse.
Pattern : wind-cold in Lung meridian
Treatment principle: clear and disperse Lung
Formula : Cang er zi 10g, Xin Yi 5g, Bai zhi 5g, Bo he %g, Mai dong 10g, Sheng gan cao 3g, Jie gen 3g, Sang bai pi 10g, Pi pa ye 10g, Huang qin 6g . total in 5 packs for 5 days
Outcome: After intake of above mentioned herbs, blocked nose recovered, running nose stopped, distendion of forehead improved. Continue the same formula till 30 packs , all the symptoms gone, not recurred in the follow up visit after 2 years.

Case 2:
Femal, 20y
Clinical manifestations
: Running nose with nasal discharge of turbid yellowish for 4 years. Initially she got cold and blocked nose, then running nose of yellow and smelly discharge. Other symptoms as dizziness, blurry vision, lassitude, fatigue, thready pulse, red tongue tip, thin-white coating.
Pattern: Gall-bladder heat invading brain, middle qi deficiency and turbid qi reversing
Treatment principle: clear Gall-bladder heat, tonify middle qi
Prescription :
1.Huodanwan( 藿胆丸:广藿香叶、猪胆粉) 5g per day
2.Huang qi 10g, Dang shen 10g, Bai zhu 5g, Shengcao 1.5g, Chai hu 1.5g, Zhi sheng ma 1.5g, Chen pi 3g, Ju hua 6g, Dan shen 10g , in 5 packs
Outcome: after finishing the herbs, tubid nasal discharge gone, dizziness and blurry vision improved, energy better. After continuing the herbs for one month, all the symptoms gone, still using Huo dan wan afterwards to strengthen thebody.

From: Case Study from TCM History