Diarrhea — 2 Successful Cases

Case 1: Infantile Diarrhea  ( 《中医历代医案精选》 TCM Clinical Cases Collection , P819)

Zhang, 8 months

First visit: weak constitution, diarrhea for 10days, 10 times per day, emaciation, poor appetite, bloated abdomen and long urine, can’t close eyes tight when sleep, cold limbs, pale tongue and white coating. Syndrome as spleen and stomach yang def, severe case, yang def, even depletiong.

Formula : Korean renshen 4.5, fupian 6g, paojiang 2.4g, qinggancao 3g, chaomaiya 9g, weimuxiang 3g, weirouguo 6g, 3 packs.

Second visit: stool formed, warmer limbs, long clear urine still, non-red complexion, pale tongue and white coating still.  Although diarrhea gone, still need to apply warm tonify herbs continually.

Case 2:  Diarrhea ( 《中医历代医案精选》 TCM Clinical Cases Collection , P823)

Wang, boy, 10y. first visit on 23.06.1981: repeatedly diarrhea and abdominal pain for 6 years. Nowadays abdominal pain on and off, worse at left side, 3 to 4 times bowl movements, pasty with jelly stuff,red complexion, red lips, clean tongue less coating, wiry and thread pulse. WMS diagnosed as nonspecific colitis. Syndrome as Jueyin disease, should  apply Formula wumeiwan, as

Wumei 6g, chuanjiaomu 3g, dangshen 6g, danfupian 2g, ganjiang 1.5g, rougui 1.5g, chuanlian 1.5g, huangbai 4.5g, danggui 6g, xixin 2g,  for 10 packs

Second visit on 07.07. abdominal pain greatly reduced, 1 to 2 times bowl movement per day, sometimes formed, occasionally jelly stuff, white and greasy coating, appetite normal. Formula as: off xixin, chuanlian, add cangzhu 9g, xianglianwan 3g, for 7 days

Third visit on 14.07: formed stool, once a day, no jelly stuff, no abdominal pain, thin and moisture coating, soft and thread pulse. Spleen and stomach still weak, should regulate and warm middle. Formula as: wumei 6g,  chuanjiaomu 3g, dangshen 9g, danggui 9g, ganjiang 2g, rougui 1.5g, shanyao 9g, jiaobaizhu 9g, fuling 9g, qingcao 3g, for 7 packs.     

After continually regulating, cured.