Enuresis — 2 Successful cases


Case 1 : Infantile enuresis    ( professor Wu Liwen’s experience on treating infantile enuresis)

Li, girl, 6y, first visit on 26.05.2006.  Enuresis for 3 years, after treatments from WMS and TCM no improvement.  For the latest 10 days, has been bed wetted quite frequently, deep in sleep, hard to be waked up, 3 to 4 times per night in a non-severe case, 5 to 6 times per night in a severe one. She is tired and weak, pale complexion, cold limbs, poor appetite, long clear urine, non-formed stool, pale tongue body, thin-whitish coating, thready-deep pulse. WMS examination nothing unusual.

Diagnosis as spleen and kidney deficiency, qi transforming disorder and water passage disorder.

Treatment : tonigy qi and strengthen spleen, tonify kidney qi, astringent urine

Formula as: wu zi yan zong pill combined with suo quan pill

Dangshen 9g, zhihuangqi 12g, baizhu 9g, shanyao 10g, qianshi 9g, wuyao 9g,  sangpiaoxiao 9g,  yizhiren 6g, wuyao 6g, fupenzi 6g, tusizi 8g, heye 3g.  in 7 packs, 1 pack and 2 intake per day. Lifestyle recommendations on parenting, diet and routines.

Second visit on 02.06.2006, her mother said she had more energy, 1 wet bed only, stool formed, tongue and coating same as before. Continue last formula for 7 packs.  Recovered fully.

Case 2: infantile enuresis ( yuqiu Hou, Yajun Wang)

Zheng, girl, 6y, first visit on 11.04.2001.  Enuresis since a baby, even a few times per night, noticed after waking up, accompanied by restlessness, night sweating, pale tongue, whitish coating, deep-thready pulse.

Diagnosis as heart and kidney both deficiency, urinary bladder fail to control urine.

Treatment: calm spirit, tonify heart, warm kidney to consolidate urine.

Formula : modified ganmai dazao decoction

Zhigancao, sangpiaoxiao, yizhiren, tusizi, changpu and yuanzhi 10g , fuxiaomai 20g, wuweizi 5g, duanmuli 15g, dazao 5 . one pack every day, recommend no fluid before sleep, urinate before sleep, wake up by parent at night to urinate. One week after, all synptoms improved, bed wet only 2 nights. Continue the same formula for 15 days more, no recurrence during one year.