My treatment at Balance Health TCM Clinic reflects a journey of self discovery and learning, almost as much as the physical healing.
When I came to the clinic I presented with many symptoms including stomach pain, influenza, severe headaches. I was emotional and western medicine defined me as severely depressed. I had suffered major and on-going loss of loved ones as well as my lifestyle.
Regular treatment using all the traditional Chinese medicine techniques revealed layers of burnout and fatigue which in turn resulted in an array of aches, pains and symptoms.
As well as the combination of tradition Chinese medicine disciplines treating these symptoms I was taught to recognise the causes and effects of my lifestyle choices, my thinking and my personal beliefs and the effects these had on my day to day life. I came to understand how paying attention to small changes in my body had major beneficial affects on my well being.
Simple release techniques of breathing, meditating and observation, combined with acupuncture, herbal medicines, and massage skilfully and consistently applied, have brought me to a place where I can manage my day to day health and apply what I have learnt to many aspects of my life. I have learnt to be content to focus on the moment, today, and concern myself less with what might be tomorrow, or what might have been. Better than any anti-depressant or sedative induced sleep, I can now approach life’s challenges with strength and purpose and know that I am in control of my health and destiny.
Balance for Health as opened a doorway to new choices and a different way of looking at life, its beauty and the joy to be experienced at a time when I had come to accept the doors were closing and my life held little purpose.
I am grateful to have learnt to listen to my body and to use the power of the mind and growth of spirit in a truly holistic manner, in order to continue to grow and experience health and happiness on earth.