Heel Pain

T, Male, 35 years old, came on 19nd Feb. 2013, with left heel pain for one month
The pain happened initially after running one month ago, since then, every morning he feels the pain when he lands the floor with his left heel. Today he come to see me, as it getting worse, he even feels the pain at day time. Other symptoms as hot during sleep, shallow sleep.

TCM diagnosis and treatmentThe pain in his heel involved his weakness of the bone, since he feels the pain when he lands on his heel. In TCM, we can regulate the kidney’s function to help the bone. I used Fengfu, to strengthen his kidney, also strengthen spleen to assist the recovery of kidney. After the first session of acupuncture, he feels the pain go away , after the second session, almost feel no pain.

Key Points
• The heel joint consists of bone, tendons, muscles , vessels etc. if the pain happens white standing , it’s the disorder of bone, and walking, it’s the tendons, sitting, it’s the muscle.

• A holistic solution is important for a completely recovery.

• Frequent vigorous exercise in the evening and night is easily impair kidney, since kidney is like a reserve of our body, if the reserve is decreasing, the kidney will become deficient, and bone will be weak. Avoid too much exercise in the evening and night is recommended to protect our kidney.

TCM Dr. Hao Chen
26th Feb. 2013