Hernia and Purpura


Case one: Hernia
Wei, male, 17y.
Left Bursula Testium had been swollen for 8 days, pain upon pressing, could be retracted when lying down, dropped down worse when standing or moving. He has been diagnosed as abdominal hernia by Tongren hospital, and he did not want to have the operation, so he came to see Doctor of TCM. His tongue was normal, but deep and wiry pulse.
Diagnosis: Deficiency and Coldness
Treatment principle: Tonify spleen and ascending qi, warm up liver meridian
Formula: modified Buzhong Yiqi decoction
Chaihu 5g, Zhishengma 3g, Juhe 6g, Baishao 10g, Zhigancao 3g, Lihe 6g, Dangshen 6g, Zhihuangqi 12g, Baizhu 5g, Chenpi 6g, Jiudanggui 10g, Chuanlianzi 10g, yuanhu 10g, wuyao 6g, Qingpi 5g
Outcome: after 8 packs, dropping of left bursula testium and pain all gone. Apply pills of same formula to strengthen the effects.

Case two: Purpura ( 紫癜)
Qi, male, 38y.
For 8 years, he had been swollen and wandering pain all over the body, when the pain was serious, there were Purpura on the pain area. If the pain reduced, there was blood in urine occassionally, bad sleep, poor appetite. Unhappy and anger emotion aggravated the symptoms. Yellow-sticky coating, wiry-rapid pulse.
Diagnosis : Heat accumulation, capillary stagnation.
Treatment principle: clear heat, promote blood circulation and dredge meridians
Formula: modified Buzhong Yiqi decoction
Jiuchuanxiong 5g, fried Danpi 10g, Zhufushen朱茯神 10g, Jiudilong 10g, Chao Dansheng 10g, cundong 10g, Hanliancao 25g, Dangguiwei 10g, Honghua 5g, Dashengdi 15g, Sangzhi 20g, Chaihu 3g, shengdi 15g, Sangjisheng 20g, Guizhi 3g, Baishao 10g, Yousongjie油松节 30g, Zhicaoshao炙草梢 10g, Chaoshanzha 10.
Second visit: after 8 packs, pain happened less than 10 minutes every time, no blood urine, less purpura, but gum a little bleeding
Dashengdi 15g, Chaihu 3g, Baishao 10g, shengdi 15g, Guizhi 3g, chao Dansheng 10g, Fried Danpi 10g, Sangzhi 20g, xianghecao 30g, Hanliancao 25g, Jiudanggui 10g, Sangjisheng 20g, Zhicaojie炙草节10g, Heijieshui黑芥穗, xiaojitan 小蓟炭, ajiao 10g.
Outcome: After 12 packs, purpura gone, pain gone.

Zhu,kanyu.(2005).Shijinmo Clinical Experiences[施今墨临床经验集].People’s Medical Publishing House.