How do you catch a cold ?

Today, D, a 14 years old girl came to my clinic, complaining a cold and sore throat. the following is our conversations

D : I got a cold from Saturday.
Harry: How do you feel now ?
D : I have sore throat now, and headache on top and temple of my head.
Harry: Do you know what cause your cold ?
D : No.
Harry: You had some activities outdoors ?
D : No, I stayed all day inside on Saturday. But coughing and sweating without any reason.
Harry: You had activities on Friday ?
D : Oh, yes.
Harry: It’s windy outside on Friday.
D : yes.
Harry: Do you have a temprature ?
D : No.
Harry: So Friday was not cold, only windy.
D : Yes.
Harry: Do you still sweat ?
D : No.
Harry: So you are thirsty these days.
D : Yes.

After examine her pulse, I realized that his Qi is deficient, So choose Hegu point to insert needle and did 5 minutes head massage, then her sore throat gone. Furthermore I used Qihai, Zhongwan, Tianshu to regulate her stomach to build up body fluid and blood, and strengthen her ability to recover.

How do we catch a cold, there must be some reasons. In fact, Wind and cold are the main factors for cold, if we know this, we can prevent cold and all the symptoms much easier.

Written by : Hao Chen ( Harry )
Date: 01-09-2012