Dr.Gan Zu Wang treating Chronic Pharyngitis

Case 1 : Male, 58y
Clinical manifestations: Sore throat with dryness and uncomfortable, phlegm in throat, always want to expectorate phlegm, lassitude and laziness to speak, celostomia after long talking, getting worse sometimes, lingering for years. Had been taken Chinese herbs of tonifying yin and clearing heat with not much improvement. Inspections indicates that slight congestion on throat, retropharyneal folliculosis(咽后壁淋巴滤泡增生), pale tongue body, white-thin coating, thready pulse.
Pattern : spleen Qi deficiency, clear yang not ascending, un-nourishment of throat
Treatment principle: strengthen spleen and benefit Qi
Formula : Dangshen, Fuling, Huangqi, Shanyao, Gegen 10g each, Baizhu, Chenpi, Baixia 6g each, Gancao 3g.
Outcome: After intake of above mentioned herbs for 20 packs, recovered.

Case 2: Male, 27y
Clinical manifestations: complaining for 2 years, being dry throat with pain, feeling of foreign object blocking, but food intake smoothly, no desire to talk long, otherwise the symptoms getting worse, there is phlegm in throat but not easy to be expectorated, bloated stomach , lots of gas. Inspection : congestion and swelling on pharyngeal mucosa, tonsil swelling, no pus, prints on edge of tongue, white-thin coating, soft pulse.
Pattern: Spleen Qi deficiency with phlegm and dampness
Treatment principle: Strengthen spleen, dissolve phlegm and dampness
Prescription : Taizishen, Fuling, Baizhu, Baibiandou, Shanyao, Shanzha, Shenqu 10g each, Jiegen 6g, Shengma and Gancao 3g each.
Outcome: after 3 packs of herbs, sore throat and bloated stomach improved, add Yiyiren 10g, for further 20 packs, recovered fully.

Case 3 : Male, 47y
Clinical manifestations: The patient has a history of Choronic Pharynitis, nasopharynx cancer has been detected recently, and was in the process of chemotherapy, and cancer been managed well. inspection as , no nasal blockage, no nasal bleeding, only dry throat and mouth, not quenched after drinks, sore throat sometimes especially while swollen saliva, tied limps, poor appetite, congestions , dryness and rough on pharyngeal mucosa, thin-greasy coating, thin-thready pulse.
Pattern : Deficiency of qi and yin, with inner hear rising
Treatment principle: Strengthen spleen and benefit qi, tonify yin and descending heat
Formula : Taizishen, Wuweizi, Shanyao, Maidong, Baibiandou, Wumei, Xuanshen, Shihu 10g each, Gancao 3g, in 5 packs
Outcome: dry mouth and throat improved, appetite improved significantly, apply 30 more packs till the end of chemotherapy.