Stress is easy to be dealt with, once we have a more thorough understanding about it. In my perception, Stress is an emotional crisis combined with physical tensions. If we feel stressful ony for a comparatively short period of time while we are coping with something challenging, it’s not a problem. But when we cope with ordinary taskes, or something that was not a problem for us before, we still feel stressfull and there is less hope to get better, this is the real stress we are dealing with.
The emotions behind stress consists of uncertainties, worries, guilties, or fears, etc. The physical tentions actually make sense when we dealing with crisis, but the problem is that it’s very depleting and combined with upset stomach or other discomfort, or trigger some exising chronic health issues quite often.
I talked to the stressed accountant, if you have no fixed asset, or a reasonable balance in your saving account, and tax bill is pending, are you stressful ? The answer is yes. The same reason, if our body is consuming enery more than it gains, or running out of reserves, we are easily to be streeful.
When we have a good understanding about stress, we have no extra stress because of the stress, so dealing with the current stress becomes more feasible. I won’t be surprised if Apple is not stressful about Eropean economic crisis if there is any, because Apple have enogh resoures, even huge cash flows. Balancing the body, maintain the normal functions of our body, then our body’s reserves can be topped up , that is the right way to go, and that is the best offer from TCM.

Written by : Hao Chen ( Harry )