Hypophrenia– 3 Seccessful Cases

Case 1 :

One boy, white eyeball big, can’t walk at 3, low voice, either hot or cold on feet, loose stools. Morning formula as Buzhong yiqi decoction plus wuweizi, shanyao, to tonify spleen and lung, evening formula as liuwei dihuang pills plus wuweizi, niuxi, lurong to tonify liver and kidney. Less than 3 months, healed.

Case 2:

One boy can’t talk at 5 years old, every body believed he is handicapped. But inspection indicated his lung and kidney deficient, then apply Liuwei dihuang pills plus wuweizi, lurong, and buzhong yiqi decoction plus wuweizi. Over 2 months, qi and body developed stronger, can talk one or two words over half an year, can talk properly over one year.

Case 3:

Gao, girl, 6 y. first visit on 07.03.1974.  she had high fever 4 days after birth, accompanied by jaundice. After high fever and jaundice relieved, she had nodding head, shaking head symptoms. Convulsion at half year old and disappear at one, but then had nodding head, shaking head, dripping saliva,  hand twisted inward and shaking, uneven walking etc. at age of three became aphasia, at age of six, hypophrenia, no response to things. Red tongue and thread-wiry pulse.

Diagnosis as liver wind, marrow insufficiency.

Treatment principle: calm liver, benefit intelligence


Shengzibeichi 62.5g,  shengzishiyin 62.5g, (生紫贝齿,生紫英石) shengshijueming 62.5g, zhenzhumu 31g, hanliancao 31g, hehuanhua 15.6g, baijili 25g, nuzhenzi 25g, yizhiren 25g, woniuke 12.5g, tianzhuhuang 12.5g, dannanxing 12.5g, tianma 18.8g, shexiang 1g, ground and make to honey powder, 6g per powder, in take twice per day, long term use.

After half a year, intelligence improved significantly, can speak simple words, some response to things, can raise questions. Nodding, shaking head, shaking hands symptoms mainly controlled, other symptoms improved as well.

 《中医历代医案精选》 TCM Clinical Cases Collection