Infantile common cold

Shi , girl, 6y.

20.05.1981 first visit: easy to cough, got cold attack recently, aversion to coldness without sweating, low fever, cough with rapid breath, clear sputum, white and sticky tongue coating, floating and tight pulse. Diagnosis as wind –cold attacking exterior, with interior phlegm. Herbal formula as Mahuang ( modified), mainly disperse coldness and exterior, details as follow,

Mahuang 2.4g      xinren 6g    guizhi 3g    qinggancao 2.4g   houpu 4.5g   chenpi 4.5g   banxia  6g

Shengjiang 3 pc   suzi 6g     in 4 packs

27.05.1981 second visit: coldness start fading, fever disappear, cough not gone, sticky phlegm, but eating ok. White and greasy tongue root, slippery and tight pulse. Diagnosis as interior phlegm not gone, going to apply warm herbs to dissolve it.  Formula modify as follow,

- houpu, suzi, shengjiang     +xixin 1.5g ,   wuweizi  1.5g,   ganjiang 1.5g,   fulin 9g.   in 4 packs

After that, only slight cough, thin and greasy coating, apply “ er chen tang “, then symptoms all gone.

( TCM Clinical Cases Collection , P761)