Infantile Salivation

Fang , boy, 1.5y.

28.05.1983. first visit: blue and yellow complexion, red lips, slim and small body. His mother says , salivation over one month, aggravated after common cold recently, prefer cold drinks. Salivation runs like sticky threads, yellowish, reddish and short urine, smelly stools, restless while going to sleep. Inspect his tongue, find red tongue body, thin yellowish coating, purple finger print. Diagnosis as heat retention in spleen and stomach. Applying “ clear heat, reducing spleen powder”, plus jinyinhua 15g, lianqiaoxin 12g, to strengthen the formula. After 2 packs, salivation reduced, but appetite still poor, bloated after food, plus shanzha 12g, shenqu 12g, chaoguya 15g, chaomaiya 15g, to digest food and dredge the blockage, plus zhuru to descend reverse, sugen to harmonize stomach and release exterior symptom, cheqiancao to promote dieresis and resolve damp-heat, continue 2 packs, all the symptoms reduced. Later almost recovered, apply  tonics and digest assistance herbs for good ending.

( TCM Clinical Cases Collection , P807 )