Knee Pain

T, Male, 52 years old, came on 22nd Feb. 2013, with knee pain for one month
The pain is on the left knee, inside the joint, he feels the pain and weakness of the knee while standing and walking. Other symptoms as coughing with white and clear phlegm, frequent urine, hot during sleep, kidney area pain.

TCM diagnosis and treatment
His knee pain has been there for some time, combined with a lots of factors that contribute to the pain. First of all, the weakness of kidney, indicated by the kidney pain, frequent urine and standing pain and weakness. Secondly, his lung is deficient, indicated by coughing with phlegm. The healing process have to be step by step. In the first session, I strengthen his bone, using Fengfu point, the following 3 sessions, I help his lung’s function by clear phlegm and heat. He has been covered after 4 sessions.

Key Points

• The knee joint consists of bone, tendons, muscles , vessels etc. if the pain happens while standing , it’s the disorder of bone, and walking, it’s the tendons, sitting, it’s the muscle.
• In TCM, the lung is incharge of all the joints. Since lung’s Qi is important to push the Qi and Blood go through the joints to maintain the normal functions of the joints.
• A holistic solution is important for a completely recovery.

• The coldness is easily impair kidney and lung, he drinks a lots of cold water and soft drinks. After he stops all those, he is recovering much easier.

TCM Dr. Hao Chen

8th Feb. 2013