Mastitis cases

Case 1 :
Female, 33y
Clinical manifestations: for 5 days, symptoms as hard and pain in right breast, in red colour and pervading swelling, aversion to cold , fever. Poor appetite, dysphoria, but normal urination and bowel movement.
Pattern : Ruyong/liver fire with spleen deficiency
Treatment principle: Soothe liver and regulate qi, stop pain and clear heat
Formula : Apply the meaning of Xiao yao san
Chaihu 6g, jixueteng gao 9g, chishao 6g, xiangfu 6g, yujin 6g, shengdihuang 6g, pugongying 15g, niubangzi 6g, gancaojie 3g
Second visit: after 2 days dosage, hardness of the breast became softer, pain reduced too, appetite improved, happy feeling on her face. Modification of formula as: – chaihu, yujin, +ruxiang, moyao, beimu, jiazhu, lianqiao.
After 2 more days, all the symptoms gone.

Case 2 :
Female, 27y
Clinical manifestations: one month after delivery, pain and break on left nipple initially, then the breast pain with swelling. Accompanied symptoms as cold and fever, headache, chest distension, nauseas, day month, thin-yellow coating, floating-rapid pulse.
Pattern : exterior toxin invade, disharmony of breast collaterals
Treatment principle: disperse toxin, regulate collaterals.
Formula :
Chaihu 6g, huangqin 10g, pugongying 30g, banbianlian 15g, niubangzi 10g, jinjie 5g, fangfeng 5g, bohe 5g, quangualou 12g, loulu 10g, qingpi 5g, chenpi 5g, dangguiwei 10g, shengcao 3g
For 2 packs
Exterior application: sesame oil on nipple, jinghuangsan 金黄散 on the pain area of breast.
Second visit: cold and heat gone, pain,swelling of left breast reduced, left nipple break improved. Modify the formula: -jinjie, bohe, +lulutong 10g , for 3 packs
Third visit: still chest distension, poor appetite. Apply clear liver heat, regulate stomach method.

from :  Case study in TCM history