Neck and Shoulder Pain

D, Male, 53 years old, came on 22nd Jan. 2013, with neck and shoulder pain for 2 weeks
D always come to me for his sickness in the first time , as is very positive for the quick recovery. He complaint about his neck pain and shoulder pain for 2 weeks, accompanied by weakness of shoulder as well. Other symptoms as dry mouth, thirsty, dreams a lot. His pulse quite slippery and thin.
TCM diagnosis and treatment
My diagnosis as Yin-Deficiency with inner heat disturbing lung. For the first session, I use zhongwan, qihai, baihui, taiyang, taichong points to regulate spleen to generate more blood and body fluid, give herbs formula of Liu Wei Di Huang to generate body fluid and clear inner heat. Two weeks later, he come for another session, neck pain gone, only left shoulder some pain, I use similar acupoints, he feels the pain relieved end of the session.

Key Points
• Although he has 2 complaints, but we look at it as 1 disease. So after treatment, the 2 complaints gone.
• The neck and shoulder pain are on the exterior of body, but I regulate the internal function of his lung and spleen, clear inner heat. Just as leaves problem, we treat the root. It works well.

Advices• Recently he has been very busy, burning out blood, body fluid, that generate some internal heat, and heat always attack lung in the first time, and heat also goes up, the the neck and shoulder affected.
• Balanced lifestyle is recommended.

TCM Dr. Hao Chen
22nd Jan. 2013