Severe Back pain, can’t breath deep

K, Female, 89years old, came on 2nd Mar. 2013, with severe back pain and can’t breath properly
She rang me half an hour before she came to my clinic, she looks exhausted and pale, can’t breath properly. Most people will call ambulance in that case, but she come to me in the first time. The day before, she had pain on the right rib area and stiff neck, this morning she went to visit her friend and was served a small plate of fruits from refrig, after that she felt sudden sharp pain on the right upper back, and seems to be at the bottom of her lung. The pain was very bad, made she exhausted and even the breath aggravate the pain, can’t lie on treatment table.

TCM diagnosis and treatment  I know her very well as she came to me regularly for lumbar pain, tinnitus ( healed last week), stomachache, etc. Her stomach is weak, this time, the exterior coldness blocked her GB meridian already, manifested as the rib pain and stiff neck, this morning the cold fruit stuck in her body caused the stagnation of her body, liver, stomach and lung are all involved. I give her one herbal tea immediately to warm her stomach, she settled down a little bit, I use acupuncture to relieve the blockage of her GB meridian, strengthen her stomach and lung, she felt quite bit relief and can talk to us again in her Dutch humorous way. Before her leave, I prescribed herbs as : zisu, shengjiang, ganjiang, xixin, banxia, foshou, yujin, chaihu, zhigancao, huangqi,xinren,baishao. Two days later she visit me again, she felt 70% improvement, but still can’t lie down to sleep. I add qianghuo, gegen, beimu, chuanlianzi, reduce xixin, yujin. 3 days later she phone me and said “ You are amazing, I am perfect now.”

Key Points
• The sickness is usually the consequence of a series of factors combined together. For her, stomach weakness, exterior coldness and cold fruit retaining contribute to her sudden severe pain.
• This is an urgent and severe case, she has to phone me to see if I could treat it before coming.


• Always provent ourselves from cold weather attack and cold food.
• For aged people, any small factors could be very dangerous.

TCM Dr, Hao Chen
7th, Mar. 2012