The secret Mum cure her vetigo herself

I phoned my mum, who is living in China, and very happy to know that her vertigo went away completely, and she now feels very comfortable, she told me that her brain is as clear as sky.
The story is that, 3 weeks ago, she started to realize her vertigo became worse, the symptoms as , constant vertigo, especially when she got up every morning, and moving around, stillness would be better, but still annoying. It’s not easy for me to make a remote diagnosis only according to the symptoms, but anyway I prescribed a formula to tonify blood, remove exterior blockage and resolve phlegm. Mum is not good at herbs, after one week, she want to try self massage instead of herbs. I agreed.
The meridian she massaged is Pericardian Meridian as above photo. She found the whole line on the right arm very hard and painful, then she had massaged it for 4 days till all the hardness and pain had gone. Then she was very surprised to notice that the vertigo dissapeared completely.
This is the secret of how Mun cured her vertigo by herself.