What are the effects of toothache?

Toothache may be ranged from mild sensitivity of the oral cavity to severe throbbing pain. It interferes with chewing and eating, and can keep one awake all night. Although toothache is rarely life threatening, the pain can be very troublesome and seriously disturbs quality of living.

What causes the onset of toothache?

There are numerous possibilities that can initiate toothache. Among them, tooth decay caused by cavities, dental injury, teething or abscessed tooth are the most common causes.

When should I become alert about toothache?

You should be concerned about your teeth when the pain is constant and persistent without any signs of improving. You should pay particular attention to the condition if pain is accompanied by swollen and/or bleeding gums. It is advised to consult a dentist immediately once the pain is initiated, regardless of severity to minimize dental damage and suffering. Watchful waiting is not appropriate for toothache.

What is the Traditional Chinese Medicine’s perspective on toothache?

TCM attributes toothache to the stagnation of circulation within the meridians that travel to the oral cavity. The meridians of Stomach and Intestines are usually the primary choice in treating toothache, because the first travels to the upper gum and the later to the lower gum. Besides the stagnation, heat toxins are usually present along the meridians that cause the inflammation of the teeth and gums.

How can acupuncture treat toothache?

Acupuncture therapy is very effective in pain management and therefore, very effective in alleviating toothache. Treatment is directed toward soothing the circulation and detoxifying the meridians near the affected area. However, while acupuncture can alleviate the pain, the source of the pain (such as tooth decay or teething) must

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