What is ACC Scheme ?

What is ACC Scheme ?
The ACC scheme provides a comprehensive, 24 hour, no-fault cover and entitlements for all New Zealand citizens, residents and temporary visitors who suffer personal injury in New Zealand.
What does ACC cover ?
ACC generally covers the treatment of personal injury – that is, a physical or mental injury caused by a physical injury, or a mental injury caused by sexual assault or abuse.
How to Make a Claim ?
If you have been injured, the first step is to get treatment as soon as possible, don’t wait until it feels better as this can often make your injury worse and recovery longer.
Getting ACC cover is simple, visit your G.P, they will assess your injury and fill out a claim form at the time of consultation, the claim is then lodged with ACC. You will be given a referral for treatment which you then take to a registered ACC provider.
How much will ACC Acupuncture Treatment Cost ?
ACC will cover the bulk of the treatment cost; however all you will need to pay is an additional $10 each session at Balance Health TCM Clinic.
**ACC patients accept that if for any reason that ACC does not cover the treatment cost that the patient will pay full treatment free.**